Latticework: solo bass improv. ‘s/t’ record out on SCRIPTS
Reviews: Avant Music News, Brian Olewnick

Glass Hand:
composed music for trio with Emerson Hunton and Sarah Clausen. Watch for live record out soon...

Lucky Cloud:
myself, Andy Danstrom, and Chet Zenor playing Chet’s original songs. ‘Live at Nai Senai’ out on Bandcamp (all proceeds going to Chicago Artist Relief Fund).

electroacoustic improvisations from Devin Drobka drums, Matt Blair keys, Me bass. Record out!!!! on the Scribbled Fang imprint

Reviews: Avant Music News, CTEBCM, Bluestem Jazz

Work Friends:
music for quintet, by Miles Allen, Sam Pratt, Matt Blair, Jeremiah Lemke-Rochon, and myself.
                                      ‘Happy Hour’ (new record)           :        ‘Work Friends’ (old record)

Other releases I’m on:
Jake Wark Quartet - Scrawl (All About Jazz, The Quietus)
Berman/Sudderberg/Heinemann - Vessels in Romantic Islands   
Adam Shead’s Adiaphora Orchestra- Live at Constellation
Adam Shead’s Adiaphora Orchestra - Miniature Paintings and the Impossible Warehouse
Allium Tricoccum: Chicago 2017 - 2020