Upcoming ----

April 23rd, 8pm - Alta Vista @ Constellation 
April 24th, 2pm - w/ Duo Controverso @ Chicago YIVO Society
April 24th, 9pm - w/ Jim Baker and Steve Hunt @ The Hungry Brain
May 1st, 11:30am - Chicago Klezmber Ensemble @ Highland Park Chabad
May 4th, 8pm - Splice Series, Peter Maunu, Aram Shelton @ The Beat Kitchen 
May 8th, 9pm - w/ Aram Shelton and Mike Reed @ The Hungry Brain
May 20-21st - w/ Keefe Jackson + Adam Shead @ The Spot Tavern, Lafayette, IN
May 23rd, 8pm - w/ Keefe Jackson + Adam Shead @ Elastic Arts
June 1st, 8pm - Splice Series @ The Beat Kitchen
June 2nd, 8pm - Jakob Heinemann Quartet @ Esquina Chicago
June 4th - Tim Daisy Quartet @ Garver Feed Mill, Madison, WI
June 10th - w/ Keefe Jackson + Adam Shead @ Garver Feed Mill, Madison, WI
June 30th, 7:30pm - JH 4: Molly Jones, Ishmael Ali and Jeff Kimmel @ Comfort Station 
July 13th, 6:30pm - Chicago Klezmer Ensemble @ Selfhelp Home
August 20th - JH 4: Molly Jones, Ishmael Ali and Jeff Kimmel @ Compound Yellow, Oak Park, IL 

September 20th, 9pm - Glass Hand @ Cafe Mustache
September 22nd, 9pm  - w/ Keefe Jackson, Adam Shead @ Cafe Mustache
October 13th, 9pm - w/ Chet Zenor and Andy Danstrom @ The Whistler
October 17th, 9:30pm - w/ Ishmael Ali, Norman Long, and Jeff Kimmel @ Hungry Brain
October 24th, 9pm - w/ Keefe Jackson, Adam Shead @ Hungry Brain
December 1st, 8pm - Splice Series w/ Peter Maunu, Julian Kirshner and Wills McKenna @ The Beat Kitchen
December 2nd, 9pm - Jakob Heinemann Group @ Elastic Arts ft. Ishmael Ali, Jeff Kimmel, and Molly Jones
December 3rd, 9pm - w/ Keefe Jackson, Adam Shead @ The Spot Tavern, Lafayette, IN 
December 6th, 8pm - w/ Extraordinary Popular Delusion (aka Steve Hunt, Jim Baker and Ed Wilkerson Jr) @ The Beat Kitchen
December 10th, 8:30pm - Glass Hand @ Constellation
January 12th - Shabbat service @ KAM Isaiah Israel Synagogue (livestream)
January 13th - w/ Marvin Tate, Mike Reed and Ben Lamar Gay @ The Hungry Brain
January 30th, 9pm - Tim Daisy New Quartet (w/ Molly Jones, Josh Berman) @ The Hungry Brain
February 16th, 8:30pm - Splice Series - Peter Maunu, Katinka Kleijn and Jason Roebke  @ The Beat Kitchen
February 21st, 8:30pm - w/ Sarah Clausen, Josh Harlow and Bill Harris @ Elastic Arts
February 23rd, 9pm - Alta Vista @ The Whistler
February 24th, 8:30pm - w/ Erik Sowa and Molly Jones @ Elastic Arts
March 9th, 8pm - Splice Series: w/ Peter Maunu, Norman Long and Molly Jones @ The Beat Kitchen
March 23rd, 9pm - Jakob Heinemann Quartet w/ Molly Jones, Ishmael Ali and Miles Allen @ Cafe Mustache
March 28th, 8:30pm - w/ Dave Rempis, Russ Johnson and Jeremy Cunningham @ Elastic Arts
April 2nd, 6pm - Chicago Klezmer Ensemble @ Evanston Folk Dance Festival
April 3rd, 5pm - Jewish Rock Radio @ Congregation Makom Solel, Highland Park
April 3rd, 9pm - Space Sports: Sarah Clausen, Josh Harlow, Bill Harris + me @ Hungry Brain
April 6th, 8pm - Splice series: w/ Peter Maunu, Hunter Brown and Andrew Harlan @ Beat Kitchen
April 7th, 9pm - Alta Vista @ The California Clipper
April 12th, 8pm - Devin Drobka Trio @ Northern Illinois University