Jakob Heinemann

bass, compositions, improvisations

Jakob Heinemann is an Ashkenaz bass player and composer from Madison, Wisconsin. Now living in Chicago, his work is wide-ranging, but consistently centers around both intuitive and analytical investigations into sound and the many layers lying therein. As a composer, Jakob currently works with field recordings and spectral analysis to map the pitch content of natural systems onto instruments with augmented tunings. As a bass player, he plays frequently within Chicago’s improvised and creative music circles, and has several groups considering improvisation within preconceived structures and materials. He also can be found playing with the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble and other Jewish music groups. Outside of creating, Jakob enjoys teaching in several different environments, and maintains an ongoing private lessons studio. Beginning in December 2021, Jakob helps curate the Splice Series along with co-hosts Peter Maunu and Carol Genetti. 

To contact me:  please send an email to [jakobheinemannmusic][@][gmail.com]- I’d love to hear from you!