In July 2021, I founded Kashe Editions, a limited-run record label focusing on improvised and experimental music. Each release includes a handmade batch of CDs or tapes with packaging and design by myself. It is currently focused on my solo work, with the first release being an unaccompanied bass recording. The second release will feature my work as a composer, containing four new pieces centered around field recordings and the harmonic series. 

KE - 1: “Fragmentations”

Unaccompanied double bass improvisations
Recorded March 2020 / Released July 2021
Available on digital and CD

KE - 2: “Resonant Ocean”

Compositions and collages based on field recordings and the harmonic series.
Recorded 2020-2021 / released April 1st, 2022
Available on Digital and Cassette

    KE - 3: “Opacity”

Quartet featuring Molly Jones (flutes), Ishmael Ali (cello), and Jeff Kimmel (clarinet), playing my original open-form compositions.
Available on CD and Digital

Kashe Editions is a proudly Jewish label in solidarity with Palestinian liberation.