(This selection is from a solo performance I gave towards the end of my time at school. For this concert, I was interested in integrating bits of my improvisational langauge into some sort of compositional structure. I was particularly happy with this piece- I thought it did a good job of formalizing some different sounds I’d been developing on the bass).

(These are two sets with Mobile Vanguard, a trio with Emerson Hunton and Sarah Clausen. This is the first set, original compostions by each member of the group).

(Here I am playing a duo set with an especially inspiring collaborator of mine, Hal Rammel. You can see him playing his invented instrumented, the amplified pallette, in this video. Please check out more of his amazing work at halrammel.com- he wears many hats in addition to being a musician, including that of a photographer, graphic designer, archivist, and illustrator. I’m extremely grateful to be able to know  and make music with him from time to time).

(And this is the second set, which is improvised).