Jakob Heinemann

bass, compositions, improvisations


New release: Jim Baker/Steve Hunt/Jakob Heinemann - Horizon Scanners 
I am thrilled to share this new release with the world, seven improvisations recorded by myself, Steve and Jim, mostly live at the Hungry Brain in Chicago. Steve and Jim are two of my all time favorite improvisors, I truly feel it is an honor to make music with them, and I’m extremely proud of the music we were able to create on this album. I’m also proud to put this one out on Clean Feed, a label that I have been following for years and that has released some of my favorite records during that time. Click here to check out the music - hope you enjoy the sounds!!

All About Jazz review: https://www.allaboutjazz.com/horizon-scanners-jim-baker-steve-hunt-jakob-heinemann-clean-feed-records

Jakob Heinemann is a double bassist, composer, improviser and sound artist working between Chicago and Madison, WI. My interests are wide-ranging, but tend to center on close listening, environmental composition, and open collaborations with other artists. As a bass player, I frequently perform freely improvised music, and count myself as a member of the rich and varied community of creative musicians in Chicago. As a composer and sound artist, I utilize field recordings, spectral analysis, and traditional scoring to sonify my local community, seeking to document and understand a sense of place in a radically changing environment. I have been fortunate to work with some incredible artists over the years including Roscoe Mitchell, Tomeika Reid, Mike Reed, Jim Baker, and Dave Rempis. 

To contact me:  please send an email to [jakobheinemannmusic][@][gmail.com]- I’d love to hear from you!